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Universal Beauty

Award Winner - 2012 Design Ovation: 1st Place Universal Design

As interior designers, there is one central concept that guides all of our decision making: creating a space that meets our client’s needs. Beyond style, trends, and high-end custom finishes, ensuring that our clients have a living space that is tailored to their unique and specific lifestyle always takes precedent. This becomes even more important when designing for a client with physical limitations. For this project, luxurious fabrics and finishes combine with accessibility to create a beautiful, but also highly functional and inclusive, universal design. Universal design is a method we strive to bring to all our projects, not just those where clients have specific needs, for it works to create spaces that are designed to accommodate handicap accessibility and the potential to continue living in your home as you age. Here, the unique and specially installed overhead tracking system in the master suite allows the client increased independence as well as an easier and more efficient system for caregivers. After years of being in cold, sterile, medical environments, the client heavily stressed her desire for the bed and master suite to not only provide ease of movement and access, but also luxury, comfort, and personality. Custom upholstery, soft and feminine remotely motorized window treatments, and a Baldacchino style canopy bed provide a cozy and highly livable retreat. The adapted furniture and universally designed floor plan were custom designed to provide the client full access to her home so she can enjoy entertaining her friends and family, but also allow therapy and treatment to occur at home.

Universal Beauty Master Bedroom