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Florentine Residence

Award Winner - 2010 Legacy of Design: Rising Star 1st Place Residential Kitchen

Inspired by the beautiful finishes and details of a luxury hotel in Florence, Italy, this kitchen reminds the client daily of her most memorable European travels. Far ahead of the white kitchen trend that has taken the world of residential interiors by storm, the white Statuario Venato marble and grey Bardigli Nuvolato marble combine to create a bright and classic feel for the space. At the time of this project, acquiring marble of this quality in this coloration was extremely difficult since it was not at all as popular as it is now, so these marble architectural elements, such as door casings and base trim along with patterned floor tile, had to be fabricated to specification from the source itself: Italy. This not only added to the high-end feel of the space, but also brought in the authentic details from the Florentine inspiration. These countertops fabricated locally from the imported matching Statuario Venato marble along with the custom–designed cabinetry provide optimal functionality and style. The exacting requirements of a gourmet kitchen were carefully designed to fit within the small existing footprint of this historic home by reconfiguring the space to open up the room, bringing in more natural light, and adding a faux window to create the illusion of a larger kitchen space.

Florentine Kitchen